Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lisa Nichols Coaching

The Definitive Lisa Nichols Coaching Guide and 13 Inspiring Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Lisa Nichols’ Coaching has revolutionized how so many look at coaching and motivational speakers. Lisa Nichols is a life coach and motivational speaker who has inspired fans worldwide and provided inspiration to many people all around the world. Today, she is one of the most successful coaches in the world with an estimated net worth between $10 million and $15 million. She’s started and partnered with numerous companies focused on coaching and speaking I’ll discuss throughout this article. Nichols has helped countless audiences break through their own limiting beliefs and make integral changes to their lives.

Lisa Nichols is the founder of Motivating the Masses. She is an author, speaker, and coach that has received several prestigious awards for her contributions to society including being named one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 Leaders. She received the Lego Land Heart of Learning Award, the Humanitarian Award from South Africa, and the Ambassador Award of Good Will to name a few.

About Lisa Nichols Early Years

Lisa Nichols was born in South Central Los Angeles, California. She struggled in school and was fed limiting beliefs by her teachers. One teacher, in particular, told her she was the weakest writer she’d ever met and she should get a desk job as an adult. Nichols proved this teacher wrong years later and uses her powerful words daily to inspire her audiences to create and change their lives.

She did just that and became an accountant in a Collections Department. She was broke and fired from 5 different jobs before getting pregnant with her son. Her son’s father went to prison early on in the pregnancy.

In her powerful message and story, she talked so much about her journey of bankruptcy – pretending to not need help, protecting her pride, and spiraling until she hit her rock bottom.

When her son was 8 years old she began attending financial conferences/workshops – the same one, in fact, 42 times! And eventually got her non-profit, Motivating The Teen Spirit funded with $532,000 from investors.

How The Breakthrough Specialist Was Born

Lisa Nichols shares being diagnosed as clinically depressed in 1998 as a part of her story.

Nichols talks about being engaged and not knowing her fiancé was bipolar. She recalls being thrown 3 feet across the room and choked out until she passed out when her fiancé stopped taking his medication.

After getting out of that relationship she began using affirmations to will her way out of her diagnosed depression and that relationship.

Lisa Nichols Coaching Takes a Small Step In “Motivating the Masses”

Lisa started small at first by simply smiling whenever someone asked her how things were going. with her, which was something that always seemed like such an easy task but it wasn’t until she made this commitment that she realized the impact of doing so as well – because people would smile back in return and share their stories with Lisa about what they too were struggling through before opening up about how Lisa’s positivity helped them feel motivated again!

In her work, Nichols coaches her students to make small changes every day that will make “needle” moves over time.

Hear Lisa Nichols Shares Her Life As A Struggling Single Mom And Accomplishing Unfathomable Goals

Public assistance, WIC, and food insecurity were all part of Nichols’s reality early on. Her trials and tribulations helped shape her powerful message. Know as the “Breakthrough Specialist”, she often speaks of infinite potential and abundance in her talks.

Not Being Defined As A Single Mom

Saving Herself Into Success And Being on Oprah Winfrey

Below Nichols talks about her journey to meeting Oprah Winfrey post being a part of “The Secret” book and documentary and what the journey to being on the show and meeting her idol meant for her. Listen to this powerful message about her meeting before the meeting with Oprah:

Being On Oprah

The Mindvalley Connection

Lisa Nichols joined Mindvalley in 2010 when Vishen Lakhiani selected her as the keynote speaker for his very first A-Fest. After that, she was one of only two speakers there 7 years straight!

They became close friends and Lisa personally coached him too – seeing remarkable results like 2017’s collaboration with them to create Speak & Inspire Quest which will help you speak your truth while inspiring others along the way

How to Reclaim, Reset and Reenergize 2020 with Lisa Nichols from Mindvalley Live LA

Nichols spoke at the Westin Hotel in LA right before the pandemic. She talked about coming full circle from 22 Years ago and working with Mindvalley for 10 years. Nichols shared how she would visit the same Westin Hotel in LA with her child Jelani in tow. In her moving story, she shared she would take him to the back of the room where there was childcare because she had no one to care for him at home. No matter what, she was always determined to write her own story and destiny.

17:58 minutes – Coming Full Circle

Nichols And Philanthropy – Motivating The Teen Spirit Founded

Lisa Nichols is not only the founder and corporate CEO of Motivating the Masses but also the founder of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC. Motivating the Teen Spirit teaches and works to empower teens to capture their full potential and understand exactly what gifts they bring to the world.

According to the mission statement of the organization, getting teens to fall in love with themselves and find their untapped talents is what they aim to do. To date, the organization has served over 250, 000 youths.

Teens Talk About Motivating the Teen Spirit

Nichols Realizes Her Life Dream, Reaches Financial Freedom, And Changes Lives

Nichols is known as one of the most influential people in business today. Lisa even shared a stage with former President Barack Obama at his farewell speech too! Lisa continues sharing her message on stages around the world. Nichols, like her company name, is known for motivating the masses through a variety of channels on and offline which is undoubtedly the success behind her millions of dollars of wealth.

Lisa’s work is truly changing lives and empowering those around the world and helping countless audiences break through their own limiting beliefs. Suffice it to say, Lisa Nichols shares her message with millions of people every year and her global platform continues to grow.

Lisa Nichols, as a media personality, has appeared on countless talk shows over the years. She is known for starring on “The Secret” and appearing on countless shows like Oprah Winfrey mentioned above, the “Steve Harvey Show” and “Today Show” and is one of the pillar coaches on Mindvalley.com and Udemy with a signature course on each to date.

Lisa Nichols Discussing Her Road to Millions and Millionaire Entrepreneur Status on Steve Harvey

Nichols talks about being a single mother on the Steve Harvey show and how difficult it was raising her son Jelani whose father went to prison when he was a toddler.

“I realized that I was my rescue…”, Nichols shares. In many of her talks, she shares how she had $11.42 in her bank account and the lengths she went to secure her son Jelani’s future. and discover her life’s purpose.

Lisa’s courage to go to places and conferences she had no familiarity with and to push through her comfort zone to fix her own life is inspiring to fans across the world who dream of creating a new reality for themselves.

She told her son “Mommy will never be this broke again…”

Lisa Nichols Talks About The Emotional Jacket

Emotional Weight Loss And the Emotional Jacket

Lisa Nichols and Her Adult Son Jelani Sharing A Tender Moment

Son Jelani and Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols Talks With Her Family and Mom – A Lesson In Self Love

No Matter What and Other Books By Nichols

Lisa Nichols is the bestselling author of 6 books including:

  • No Matter What!
  • Chicken Soup for the African American Soul
  • Living Proof: Celebrating the Gifts That Came Wrapped in Sandpaper
  • Pebbles in the Pond
  • Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life and Achieve Prosperity Today

To learn more about Lisa Nichols coaching or her company Motivating the Masses, Inc., check out her website here, on Facebook, or her YouTube channel. She continues “motivating the masses” here with recent content and a training course in speaking and life coaching program.

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