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From making the donuts to making high performing game changers….
I am David Shawn Smith and I did not always look this polished as I look today. I did not always speak this eloquently as I do now. My success journey was not easy. I have been through daily-grind to get to where I am today. From making coffee at Dunkin Donuts while putting myself through school to managing kitchens in office complexes while dreaming of a brighter future for myself, I left no stone unturned to achieve my goals and make my dreams true.
You name it and I have done it. I never let go of my dream of using my skillset to the top potential to help others advance in their careers, relationships, and passions.
Today, I feel fortunate that I am doing the things I love and enjoy. I am coaching high performing entrepreneurs, career oriented tech employees, managers and people leaders, and individual contributors to organizations across the country.
Inside an executive leadership coaching session with me
My client was gracious enough to let me shoot a video of one of our sessions as we brainstormed to formulate a plan as to how she could better lead her team. Team building demands great leadership and trust. Without trust, you have no team. While I work as a coach on helping others build their executive presence and leadership skills/style, I confront several issues pertaining to commination, leadership styles, and team building.
This video addresses different types of leadership styles, communication skills, and team dynamics. Executive Coaching revolves around leadership styles and organizational dynamics. Leaders should develop themselves by utilizing coaching to the maximum. With a coach on your side, you are never alone.
My academic qualifications!
I have been in the field of human development for over 15 years. In addition to my professional experience, I have a B.A. in Communications and Rhetoric. I also have a Master’s of Science in Leadership and Coaching.
My certifications
I have certifications in Executive Coaching and Anger Management.
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