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About Me, David Shawn Smith

From making the donuts to making high performing game changers….

I didn’t always look this polished or speak this eloquently…..well maybe so. But…I’ve paid lots of dues, from making the coffee at Dunkin Donuts while putting myself through school, to managing kitchens in office complexes all the while dreaming of another future for myself. You name it, I’ve probably done it. I never let go of my dream to fully utilize my skill-set to help others advance in their careers, their relationships, and their passions.

Today, I’m fortunate enough to be able to do many of the things I love and enjoy and that includes coaching high performing entrepreneurs, career oriented tech employees, managers and people leaders, and individual contributors to organizations across the country.

Inside an executive leadership coaching session with me

My client was gracious enough to let me video one of our sessions as we wrestled with how she could better lead her team. Team building requires a great deal of leadership and trust. Without trust, you really have no team.

This video addresses leadership styles, communication and team dynamics. As a coach working on helping others build their executive presence and their leadership skills/style, these are issues often times brought to me during a session. Executive Coaching looks at leadership style but also organizational dynamics. Leaders should take the time to be developed and utilize coaching to its maximum.

I’ve been in the field of human development for more than 15 years. In addition to my experience, I have a B.A. In Communications and Rhetoric and a Master’s of Science in Leadership and Coaching as well as certifications in Executive Coaching and Anger Management.

With a coach you’re never alone. While we spend countless hours alone in our vehicles, offices, and shared space, sometimes having a sounding board and confidant is just the right dish on the  menu and a great balance to the hustle, bustle, and daily gut checking we all have to do from meeting to moment.

When your ready, I can help.

Take the 1st model of my course here or take the next step and let me know what you need help with. It won’t cost you a dime.

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