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Welcome to the I Speak Life Family at David's My Coach.

and allow me share - What I Believe......

First and foremost, I believe in the power to change your circumstances. With clear steps towards progress. I believe that growing takes a conscious effort and in order to be the best you can be.

As part advisor, part visionary, and part cheerleader, as your coach it is my joy to help you gain more in personal development, self-discovery, clarity, balance, satisfaction, self-improvement and success. I believe I can help my clients align with their personal missions and visions and which help them make better choices and live a more unique and fulfilled life.

What does your next opportunity look like? What are you reaching for? Is it an international assignment, a corner office, a role where you feel valued and heard? Maybe it’s a team you fully trust and motivate? With a coach, new things and all things are possible!! 

where can you go with an executive coach
"...oh the places you'll go..." - Doctor Seus

With A Coach On Your Side - You Are Never Alone

When I first started coaching there were many skeptics who questioned my decision to become what I caled myself back then – a “life coach.” There was so much stigma in pop culture about what life coaches do. And much of that still exists today.

Some people wanted a therapist. Others just wanted someone to talk to and “Fix Their Life.” I have to remind potential clients at times – “That is not what coaches do!!”

A friend came for a visit to Atlanta soon after my entry into the coaching field. We had a great time catching up and had dinner on my balcony. She asked me, point blank – why I choice coaching of all the things I could go back to school and study and why I believed in it. Here’s what I shared with her:

“Coaching is an important aspect in the industry of change and mental health. It’s a positive movement to get people to actualize their lives in a way they haven’t in the past.

Coaches can bring change to peoples lives whether it’s around reaching goals or living higher. Life coaching assures you in ways that everyday living cannot.

It makes you solid, it makes you walk with a level of confidence and security on any given day.

I believe in coaching. It’s a skill and it can be a key component to moving people to higher ground.

The biggest asset coaches bring to their clients’ lives is a support system. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We live in a world where on any given day we’re eating alone, we’re in a coffee shop by ourselves or we’re having lunch by ourselves. Alot of people are spending a tremendous amount of time by themselves in their cubicles or drive home.

We’re here to speak life in a way that we haven’t before. I want to start a conversation and a movement for positive change in our personal worlds and the worlds we live it!! 

Need a sounding board?

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Leveling Up - Take your performance to the next level

Leveling Up, my latest coaching course is available now.  

dane sprullAccurate, attentive, dynamic, personal, and wise. I began working with David as I began a Senior Leadership role in Silicon Valley. Having gone down the “coaching road” with previous firms, I was less than optimistic to say the least.

From our first meeting, David was able to dissect my personality, leadership style and vision to create “model for transformational leadership”.
David has a unique gift in his ability to hack through personalities, seek varying levels of comfort, and address core issues to cultivate leaders. It goes without saying, I highly recommend him for all career levels.

– Dane Spurill, San Francisco, CA

What My Clients are Saying......

How Coaches Change Lives

Coaches change lives in a myriad of ways – from helping to build confidence, find ones voice, engage more deeply with team members, leadership, and resolve conflicts.

With a coach what you can do is endless!

As a coach, I can help you prepare for your next position, deepen your engagement in your current role, make the transition from individual contributor to manager, and even build your executive presence.

People are your only asset
- Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO

My story

I have over 15 years of experience in the field of human development and hold a B.A. in Communications and Rhetoric and a Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching. But like most of us, my education is just the beginning of my story and what defines me, my coaching style, and ultimately who I am.

I know how to ensure you and your organization are on the right path to success and my toolkit is ever expanding. I will challenge you to do the same and more. Let’s get to work!!

Wanna learn more about me? Curious about my journey. It may surprise you. Let’s get to work. Click below and read about my story.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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